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Editable Spanish Class Hub Papel Picado Theme


This editable class site is hosted via Google Slides. This easy to use presentation is fully customizable and provides a beautiful and streamlined way for you to communicate your expectations with your students and parents each week or term. You will love the papel picado theme! Perfect for any middle or high school classroom, world language or otherwise!


Spanish Class Hub: Papel Picado Theme

Weekly Navigation for your Students / Parents!

(If you don’t want to use it weekly, it is also easily used for each quarter/term/year!)

How to use it:

  • Teacher instructions are included to walk you through any editing you would like to do!
  • Teachers are able to host and edit from your phone, laptop, or iPad via the Google Slides app.
  • When you are ready to share with students, you share the Hub with them just as you would share any other Google Drive document!
  • Students simply open the document and select “present on device” to navigate the Hub as they would any other website.

What’s Included:

  • Sample hub, preset with 8 buttons that are ready to go (but space for 2 more)
  • Two pages of teacher support for design and editing of your personal Hub
  • 12 Fully editable page templates (feel free to change out your buttons!)
  • All text boxes are fully editable/customizable for full personalization!

The 12 templates included are:

  1. Unidad (Unit overview)
  2. Objetivos
  3. Agenda
  4. Para Empezar
  5. Tarea
  6. Profe (contact page)
  7. Fechas Importantes
  8. Yo Puedo (for Can Do statements as well as proficiency rubric)
  9. Noticias
  10. Materiales del Curso
  11. Recursos Adicionales
  12. Tecnología

The first 8 templates listed above are the ones that are pre-populated into the Hub. The teacher instructions give you step by step directions for changing/adding buttons so that you can select which buttons you’d like to include!

Any page templates I add in the future will be yours for free!

**Important** While this document has been created in GOOGLE SLIDES and is best edited in that program, it can be SHARED with your students as a regular PDF file! Therefore, it is still absolutely appropriate in schools that do not use the Google Platform exclusively. I hope this helps!

Please Note:

While all text is in this resource is editable and fully customizable, all graphics are fixed. I am required to protect the validity and copyright of the clipart artists. The same applies to my copyright information, which can be seen in small text at the bottom of each page. Copyright law dictates that my copyright remain visible at the bottom of each page, even after personal customization. Please keep this in mind while using and/or distributing anything you create with this digital resource.

All text boxes can be fully customized, including colors. Banner colors are fixed, however, due to clipart use.

Do you have an idea or request to make this product better?

Send me an email at I’d love to hear from you!

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