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Class Hubs and Digital Notebooks

Resources and inspiration to streamline communication and work submissions in all classroom environments. Available in Spanish, English, and French!

Class Hubs

Editable Digital Class Hubs have changed the way I communicate my expectations and resources with my students and families.

These versatile documents can be used for almost anything.

I have used them personally for:

I have various templates available for you with instructions for use and sharing with your students. These templates are ready to use – all text is editable so you can make the Hub your own! My favorite templates are my papel picado and hexagon templates.

have templates available in French and English as well, and remember that every text box in all templates is completely editable.

Editable Digital Interactive Notebooks

Used hand in hand with Class Hubs, Digital Notebooks have helped me move to a streamlined approach when collecting work, compared to opening 5-6 attachments per student per week.

While I use my Class Hubs to provide my materials to students, I use digital notebooks to help them to organize all of their work in one place for ME.

With these notebooks, students are able to gather their work as screenshots, text, images, or links to other documents within Google Drive. This way, All of their work is centralized and easy to find. By asking them to share with me at the start of each week, I am able to see their progress and leave feedback for them as the week progresses.

Teacher and student instructions are included (reminders for sharing, force copy instructions, as well as editing support!) Again, all text you see is editable including notebook tabs and titles.

I love using digital stickers with my digital notebooks. Students love getting this fun visual feedback!

Visit my shop to take a look, or see all hub and notebook options on TPT here.

If you’re ready to take it one step further, check out my tutorial that teaches you how to design and utilize your OWN Class Hubs!

Enjoy! Happy designing!

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