Where to begin?! Regarding the resources I've purchased - I would have to say the amount of time and effort I've saved by using her templates is priceless! My favorite has to be either the digital notebook or the class hub which can be used in so many ways or classes (and includes suggestions for). She is so thorough in thinking through how teachers will best benefit from use of her resources. I especially appreciate the video tutorials because they allow me to set up my stuff as I watch and learn alongside. She answered/answers crazy amounts of questions from customers like me. I'm super impressed with her posted activities as of late - particularly ¿Mano o Manos? and other ways she's approaching games in a distance learning type setting. The digital stickers are the cutest! While I haven't bought yet, they are on my wish list 😁 I purchased the postcard templates and edited them easily to send to students before school started. She truly is a genuine support and cheerleader for teachers!
April R.
"The digital stickers honestly make me and my students so happy. They were so easy to download and put in Google Keep - they make grading more fun and personal. And honestly, the postcards made last spring so much better because I was able to send students a smile to their homes even when I couldn't see them in person. I am going to use the birthday postcards this year for sure. Controlling what I can this year... and these two resources are seriously the best way to do that!
Marie C
Erin has helped me SO MUCH in the past couple of years. I started using her fantastic games like “Taco Tuesday” & “Llama Mía” and these activities soon became class favorites. Through the last two years, I have purchased and used many of Erin’s products/activities and without a doubt, everything she creates is a success. When I poll my students at the end of the year about things they enjoyed, they always list Erin’s activities. Erin is incredibly generous with her time and she is always willing to create things we can use in our classrooms. Since she herself is a Spanish teacher, she knows exactly what we need. She also creates editable templates which are life savers; I have used those templates multiple times. I can go on and on about Erin, her creativity, her generosity and her helpfulness, but I’ll end by saying that I’m grateful for having someone like her who supports us teachers continuously.
Hedieh N.
I can’t praise Erin enough. Almost my entire curriculum is created from her activities. She creates the best activities that help kids learn and they don’t think they’re learning because they are having so much fun! At the beginning of a new tense I give them the puzzle 🧩 so they can try to find a pattern with the new tense. Then I use the quick conjugations as their notes and that is their reference sheet throughout the unit. Then we do Maracas a day or two after learning the tense to practice. Taco Tuesday 🌮 is their absolute favorite, they seriously go crazy because they are so excited to play! Throughout the unit we do practice sentences and play Doble Donas 🍩, Guerra de Miel 🍯, and Llama Mía 🦙 and they learn while having FUN! 🥳 After practicing for a while we do Café Charla and Citas Cortas to get them talking more once they are more comfortable with the tense. Then we play Sonidos Secretos, which is their second (some would argue it’s their first) favorite activity. Then we do La Lluvia ☔️ to practice recognizing the tense and forming sentences with the verbs. Then I use the quizzes and writing prompts for their assessments. I don’t use a textbook. I create vocab sheets (guided by a textbook) and use Erin’s activities for everything. My students love my class because of how I teach and the activities I use and that is ALL THANKS TO ERIN! ❤️❤️❤️
Kaia M.
Erin's resources are very fun, but also extremely engaging. She puts so much time and effort into creating visually-pleasing and colorful resources that are also grammatically correct and challenging for students. My students love to play her games and to participate in her speaking and writing activities. Erin cares deeply about her students, her colleagues and the Spanish language. Her resources make learning Spanish a pleasure for my students.
Katrina K.
I have been a Spanish teacher for 7 years in New Jersey. The first time I found Erin’s Instagram page, I was fascinated by all the materials she offers for world language teachers. At the beginning I tried all her freebies and they were “Fuego en mi clase de español” (fire!) Now I consider Erin a colleague. Her resources not only “fit the game part” but also the main focus areas for my students; being engaged, communicating, and comprehension. Our favorites are La Lluvia, Taco Tuesday, and my students’ favorite is Sonidos Secretos. One thing you should know about Erin and her materials is if you have an idea but don’t know how to turn it into an activity, talk to her. She will always be ready to create new resources; that’s her specialty!
Jo R. Golden Apple Instruction
Where do I even begin? Erin's resources are the trifecta of beautiful, purposeful, and communicative, period. They allow for modification as well as student *and* teacher process in that the steps are clear, they fit right into multiple curricula and settings (CI, proficiency, legacy, textbook-based, whatever!) for people to adapt as they need. Seriously - as a person with a military spouse who needed to move four times in five years, I wish I had these resources before just a few years ago. But, I have them now! Now, the smorgasboard of materials that I've accumulated and created over the years makes more sense in itself *and* with the materials that I buy and adapt. I have saved not only time but also mental energy and emotional exhaustion in figuring out, "What the heck are we doing tomorrow?" with Erin's resources --- truly, truly. She as a person is incredible and her materials are exactly what you'd expect. Love, love, love!
Meredith W.

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