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Don’t miss these 8 tips to make the best of every TPT sale

Is it ALMOST TPT Sale Time?!

Teachers Pay Teachers hosts a few sales per year where you can save up to 25% on resources in participating stores. For my store and many others, this sale price even applies to BUNDLES which are already discounted to begin with!

Read on for my tips to save yourself the most time and $ during each sale. Be prepared, and celebrate with BIG savings! 

My tips for shopping the sale:

1) Don’t miss out!

As soon as you hear about an upcoming sale, add it to your planner or calendar on your phone! I have missed a sale before… and I was so disappointed.

Want reminders from me before TPT sales, so you don’t miss an opportunity to save? Join my newsletter here!

2) PREP – Earn TPT Credits!

Before you start shopping, make sure you have left feedback on all recent TPT purchases! Leaving feedback translates into TPT credits that you can use as $ during the sale!

3) Prep – Check your wishlist!

Are there any resources you’ve had your eye on lately? Check your TPT wishlist to see what you’ve set aside! Maybe you recently found some new games to try, new digital activities, or new project ideas.

4) Try something new

Sale days are a great opportunity to try something new. Sales come at the times of year when we are tired, and our students are tired. Trying something new gives everybody a little boost of energy!

5) Save more $ with Bundles

During every TPT sale my entire store is set to be 25% off (with the TPT code.) This INCLUDES my bundles, which are already steeply discounted during normal times!

Some of my bundles START anywhere from 20-30% off. During a sale, you get an extra 25% off that already low price! Some sellers leave their bundles out of TPT sales for this reason, but I will always include them for you.

Sale times are the absolute BEST times to shop through my bundles. You will never get a better value in my store, and I know you’ll be happy with your choice!

6) Have fun!

When my students are having fun, so am I! But games can serve for more than just fun 🙂
If my students are too quiet on a Monday, I try to spice things up a bit. If they are too rowdy on a Friday, I try to rein them in with one of our routine games. That way, their energy is being used for good!
My go-to fun yet effective activities are the following:
Taco Tuesday — A game that can be differentiated for all proficiency levels, and is ready for in person AND digital play
Hot Seat — This is an easy way to quickly and accurately assess the progress of EACH STUDENT individually without calling attention to those that may need extra support. (Every game is editable!)
Tiburones — Lets them have fun, but gets them SPEAKING in the process! You decide whether one word is good enough, or whether they need to create a full sentence aloud 😉

7) Grab Editable Templates

These resources will save you time and $ for years to come! Recently, I created completely editable versions of my most popular activities.
EDITABLE BUNDLE – This bundle includes the editable versions of my favorite activities. There are 19 activity templates, including Editable Sonidos Secretos, Taco Tuesday, Tiburones, Puzzles, Doble Donas, Guerra de Miel, Llama Mía, La Lluvia, AND MORE. It is an AWESOME deal, and the price will *NEVER* be lower than it will be during TPT sales. If I add new templates in the future, the price will only go up!

Just want to try one first?

Editable Taco Tuesday – This is my most popular editable resource. It comes with 5 game sizes and support for digital or in person play!

8) Finally, Don’t forget the code!

During every sale, my entire store is set to 20% off. In order to save the extra 5% during each sale, TPT provides a discount code. Check your email and the TPT banner header during each sale to find the code, and be sure to enter it during checkout to save as much $ as possible.

One time, I forgot to enter the code but emailed the next day explaining my mistake; they honored my mistake by crediting my account. It was a huge relief and I was so grateful to them. I can’t guarantee they will do this in the future, so write down that code!

Thank you for reading!

I hope you feel more prepared for the next TPT sale – time to save time and $, and try someting new!

Happy shopping!

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My name is Erin and I have 10 years of experience teaching high school Spanish. I love building positive student relationships and bringing a bit of fun into my lessons to keep my students engaged!

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