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4 Simple Ways to Discuss and Express Gratitude in Spanish Class

Gratitude and Thanksgiving in Spanish class

Gratitude is a popular topic in November and December, but it’s applicable and important all year long! The following activities can be used with your students at any point in the year, during a unit on giving thanks OR simply as a morale boost for any level of Spanish class.

1. Culture + Gratitude

First, you could absolutely tweak this cultural lesson if you didn’t use it to start the year with your students (or even if you did!)

 While this lesson isn’t designed to be specifically about gratitude, the discussions we have about this song often turn to the values we hear about most in the United States. Conversations pop up around placing value on money, a “desirable” career, and fame, rather than family, relationships, health, peace, etc. I always love hearing what my students share, and getting their insight. They always impress me.

This is completely editable so you can adjust the discussion questions as needed for your unit.

2. Get your students writing in Spanish

These Spanish class writing prompts double as classroom decor! I use them every year at this time and love to decorate our windows and doorway with my students’ creations. 

They are  purposefully very open ended so you can be flexible with scaffolding and supports for your students!

There are 8 writing prompts included. Each one is provided in color as well as in black and white so students can color the banners themselves!

3. Show gratitude with your students, or for them!

I love using these sweet notes for my students! You can give out a few at the door, or drop them subtly at a student desk if you notice someone is having a rough day. Just watch the difference it makes in someone’s day 🙂
Alternatively, you can print them and offer them at the front of the room if students would like to show gratitude to one another, or to someone else in their life! Teachers in my school often motivate students to write thank-you notes to former teachers at this point in the year. When I get a few in my mailbox, it REALLY lifts me up! They can even write in the target language if they are writing to a former Spanish teacher.

There are 10 small cards included. Each one is provided in color as well as in black and white so students can color the cards themselves!

4. Use Spanish Digital Stickers to make your students smile!

Show your students that you appreciate their efforts with these cute fall Spanish digital stickers!

My students often complete work in Google Slides, and it is super easy to drag and drop these sweet stickers onto their projects and other work! Sometimes, I also simply email a sticker to a student to let them know I appreciate them 🙂

There are 12 beautiful images included, as well as a tutorial video to help you store the stickers in Google Keep for easy access.

If you’d like more ideas for digital stickers, be sure to read this blog post on using digital stickers in Spanish class!

Looking for free resources?

I hope this post leaves you with new ideas and resources for your unit on gratitude, whether it be in November or any time your classes need a little boost!

Have fun and I hope you have a safe and healthy holiday season with your family, whether it be family by blood or chosen family!

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