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4 Templates to Support Proficiency Based Assessments in Spanish Class

Proficiency Based Grading in Spanish Class

Over the past few years I have worked really hard to shift my mindset from traditional teaching and assessing to a more proficiency based approach. I even offered a PD session this past summer through the World Language Teacher Summit on the topic – and this reinvigorated me to dive even deeper this year!
I truly feel that my lesson planning and teaching practices have improved greatly with this shift in approach to teaching the Spanish language. This year, it was time for me to focus on my assessments specifically. No more 4 page quizzes with verb conjugations, charts, and disjointed sections trying to hit all of the things.
Instead, I have broken down my assessments to match my grading categories. My grades are 30% interpretive, 30% interpersonal, and 30% presentational. The final 10% is self-graded by my students. You can see more about this approach in this blog post.
So, what do assessments look like now? Read on to see some examples, and my first editable set available on TPT!

You can see my first ready-to-go pack of proficiency based assessments right here!

This pack is focused on La Vida Escolar for a Spanish 1 class.

I have had a few teachers tell me they grabbed this resource even though they don’t teach Spanish 1- they plan to use the resource as a template for their own classes (and one department chair for her whole department,) thank you for sharing that excitement with me!  I’m glad you’re finding lots of ways to use my resources, even if we teach different content! 🙂

Read below about each assessment and what I have included!

How are these assessments designed?

There are four pieces to this assessment, evaluating the three modes of communication.

Assessment #1 Interpretive Reading

Assessment #2 Interpersonal Writing (can be easily adjusted to be used for speaking instead)

Assessment #3 Interpretive Listening

Assessment #4 Presentational Writing


There are two assessments for the interpretive mode included in this resource. The first is a reading passage followed by true/false questions and short response questions in English. Then, to get creative, there is a short drawing section. You can keep the drawing section simple (like I have) or you can challenge your students to draw a scene from the reading.

The interpretive listening assessment provides a script for the teacher followed by ten true/false questions in English. I personally record myself first, but it’s up to you! I have included a recording of myself if you’d like to use it with your students!


This is a new style of assessment I started giving this year. Students are directed to choose 5 out of 8 interpersonal questions.

This IS interpersonal because students are required to interpret the Spanish questions, then provide their answers (also in the target language.) If there is interpretation happening on both sides → it’s interpersonal!

Again, since everything is editable, you can make any adjustments you’d like! This can be completed ALOUD as well, for interpersonal speaking.


This writing prompt offers student supports / helpful phrases to help them write as much as possible.

I didn’t used to give a lot of support during writing assignments, and expected my students to remember everything perfectly. This year, I’ve start offering support pages or just support phrases like I did here. What I’ve seen is a LARGE INCREASE in their output!

There is a simple grading rubric provided at the end as well, but you can always use your school’s performance rubric if you prefer. Just edit the document and make any change you’d like!

And the best part? It’s all EDITABLE!

Make any adjustments you need, and use it from unit to unit. I’ve already heard from one teacher (thank you!) that purchased my first set even though she doesn’t teach the school unit. She wanted to use my setup moving forward, and grabbed this as an example to get her started.
I will work on other units in the future, but wanted to share this layout and setup so that you know what to expect if you see any other proficiency assessment packs from me. Since having baby #2, I’ve been focusing on my own family and my own students, but hope to work on lots of resources to share with you this summer.

Before you go…

I want to support you making the leap to proficiency based planning and assessing!

I designed this editable checklist/assessment tracker to help you keep track of your planning and to help you assess the various modes equitably. This tracker will help you visually track your planning and your students’ progress in the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes. Watch the walkthrough video below to take a closer look!

Want more proficiency based resources from me, including free resources in your inbox? Sign up below!

Please feel free to share this post with your world language teacher colleagues and friends!
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