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Low Prep Decor Ideas and Winter Activities for Spanish Class

All of my blog posts so far have ended up being a bit long, so I will try to keep this one short and sweet! Make sure you read to the end… there is a BIG surprise there for you!!*2019 Teach More Spanish EBOOK update of 23 free activities has also been added to the end of this post!*

The weeks leading up to winter break can be rough. Many teachers can show culturally appropriate films, but we actually aren’t allowed to show *any* full length movies in my school (that’s a discussion for another time) so I need to find ways to keep my students engaged through our content. That being said, I still want them to have a bit of fun. They have been working hard all year, and they are excited and antsy before break. Because I work in a very economically diverse district, some students also have a very difficult time leading up to break. I want to find ways to celebrate all traditions, more than just the gift giving fever that many teens are hyper focused on.
I want to share a few activities that I have developed this year, that I will be using myself in the upcoming week before winter break.

1) Feliz Navidad Banners (Also Includes Feliz Año Nuevo banners!)

This banner is already hanging in my classroom windows, with my winter posters nearby! It is a bit hard to see because yesterday was a very sunny day 🙂 The resource has four different versions of this banner, as well as two banners for welcoming in the new year!
Feliz Navidad and Feliz Año Nuevo Banners

2) Winter Writing and Decor

My Spanish 1s will be using this prompt to expand on “me gusta” and “no me gusta.” My Spanish 3s, on the other hand, will use this as a more open ended writing prompt to describe their plans for winter break. When we return, my Spanish 3s can use the preterite tense to describe what they actually did. It will be fun to compare our goals to our actual level of productivity during break 🙂
The shorter prompts will be used as classroom decor as we fill them out! I love hanging these on our bulletin board.
A free version of this product, which contains just one writing prompt, can be found right here!! Enjoy!
Winter Writing and Class Decor

3) Winter Holiday Banner

This is an activity that we may use before and/or after the break. I work in a very culturally diverse district, which I love. I am always looking for ways to motivate students to bring their OWN cultures into our classroom so that we can compare and make cross-cultural connections. With this resource, students from all backgrounds can choose the banner that best fits their family winter holiday traditions. My colleague’s Spanish 4 students will use the “Mis aspiraciones para el año nuevo” to fit in with their goal-setting unit! After we are done, I will hang these on the window next to our Feliz Navidad banner!
Winter Holidays Banner

4) Winter Break Bookmarks

These are perfect for your teacher friends! Your students have been working hard all year, but so have your colleagues! I printed and laminated these cuties and handed them out last week to everyone in my department as well as friends that I know are avid readers 🙂

5) Coloring Pages

For my fast finishers, I love using color by number activities as well as traditional coloring pages. I have a few options available for you, here and here.

6) Winter Bundle

All of my activities here (and more) can be found in my Navidad Bundle
Navidad Bundle

A Winter Surprise…

And now for your surprise!! The teachers of Teach More Spanish also put together a wonderful EBOOK filled with FREE materials for Spanish teachers of all levels. You can find that EBOOK right here. There are 16 resources and over 100 pages of materials and ideas!
TMS Winter Freebie EBOOK


The 2019 Teach More Spanish Winter EBook can be found HERE!!

And my FREE winter holiday bookmarks can be found here!

Thank you for reading!

I hope you find something here that will help get you through until your MUCH deserved winter break!

My name is Erin and I have 8 years of experience teaching high school Spanish. I love building positive student relationships and bringing a bit of fun into my lessons to keep my students engaged!

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