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Winter Planning Made Easy: No-prep activities for Spanish class (Free Ebooks inside!)

How are you holding up?

The weeks between Thanksgiving break (if you have one) and winter break are some of the most challenging weeks of the year. You are trying to keep your students motivated, and stay sane and healthy yourself. I want to give you immediate access to some activities that I hope will make these weeks any little bit easier. To better support you, I have made digital updates to a few of my seasonal go-to activities, and I hope they can bring some new life to your students as openers, brain breaks, or fillers when you have a few moments and your students need to re-engage with class. In this post you will also find access to a brand new Decisiones Difíciles digital and interactive activity for students, which was inspired by the “This or That” trend that many of us love over on Instagram.

At the bottom of this post I will also link the annual Teach More Spanish Winter EBOOKS!! There are currently THREE EBOOKS filled with free downloads for you 🙂

Winter writing prompt (Free download)

Now digital and with editable discussion questions!

I hope the questions can serve as a class warm-up before the activity, and can inspire your students in their writing as well.

Click below to download your own copy. You can print and go, or open the digital copy from within your PDF download to allow your students to type directly on the document. 

In the digital copy, you can also edit the 7 discussion questions I included for you.

Winter writing and decor

Take the above activity one step further with additional writing options!

Click below to see this resource on TPT. I have included a second design for the writing prompt; as well as mini-prompts for students as well. This pack of prompts and mini-prompts can also be completed digitally, OR print and decorate your bulletin board!

Again, with this download, your PDF will contain a link to access your own digital copy. Have fun!

Digital “This or That?” In Spanish! (FREE download)

 The PDF can be used as-is to have a whole class discussion, and will again contain a link to your own digital copy. In the digital option, your students will have instructions and digital markers in the margin; they will simply click and drag to show their preferences!

The questions within the activity are editable, so that you can adjust any vocabulary you’d like AND use this activity again and again this winter.  I have a walkthrough video as well, which I will include below. (The video is also included within your download.)

“Decisiones Difíciles” Walkthrough video

I hope this quick walkthrough helps and I hope you love this new style of activity! I plan to design more for you soon. The activity in the video has a different title, but that’s just because I made the video with a draft version 🙂 

Click here if you are having any issues watching the video!

Teach More Spanish Winter EBOOKS – DO NOT MISS THESE!

Each year, my team of teachers from Teach More Spanish work together to bring you an EBOOK filled completely with our favorite free activities. We collaborate to compile these activities just for you! We know this is one of the toughest times of the year, and we want to help ease your planning as much as we can.

Click the links below to access the annual resources, and enjoy!


FOURTH Annual Winter EBOOK: WINTER 2021

Third Annual Winter EBOOK: Winter 2020

Second Annual Winter EBOOK: Winter 2019

First Annual Winter EBOOK: Winter 2018

Interested in getting access to even more free resources?

More winter activity options

You can read more about my favorite winter activities and go-to decor ideas right here. These are my go-to strategies during a typical in-person school year.

To see all of my winter options on TPT, you can click right here.

Thank you for reading! I hope you have found some resources here to make these next few years of remote learning a bit easier. Please remember to take care of yourself first.


Please feel free to share this post with your world language teacher colleagues and friends!
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