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3 Free Digital Resources to Help you Streamline and Organize in any class

I want to help you streamline your Organizational tasks.

Staying organized while teaching various levels of a world language is no easy task. If you are like me, you often feel overwhelmed by all the ideas, resources, and new things to try. I hope this post will help bring you back to center, and help you feel more calm and collected as you track your tasks, parent communication, etc. I use these resources with my various levels of Spanish classes, and they help me save time (and stress.) I developed these resources during distance learning but know they will continue to serve me well in the future.

These are the resources that have been the easiest for me to implement and have made the biggest difference for me personally.

Keep reading to gain access to free copies of the following:

  • Editable Digital Class Hub
  • Student Check-in Form
  • Class Communication Checklist

Google Drive is my Best friend

I hope that instead of overwhelming you, you’ll find that I have done most of the legwork for you by providing templates that will immediately create their own copies in your Google Drive. This way, you enter your own information and move forward seamlessly. You can learn more about these apps if you’d like to, but you also don’t *need* to right now. You can simply use what I have set up for you, and learn more about them later instead. (or.. never! I won’t tell.)

ALL of the resources in this post are free to my newsletter members! When you access them in my resource library you will have immediate access to your own copies for editing in Google Drive. Alternatively, the Editable Digital Class Hub is a free download via my TPT store.

If you have a moment and you decide to use my Class Hub, I’d greatly appreciate your feedback on TPT! Your positive feedback keeps me motivated to keep creating and designing new material to share.

Resource #1) Editable Digital Class Hub

The purpose of this class hub is to share ONE document with my students each week – yet it contains all of our activities and resources, as well as my contact information and expectations. This hub is created and edited in Google Drive. You then share with your students (I recommend sharing as a PDF) and they then use the document as an interactive website, so to speak. They click through the options or assignments for each day, and can access everything you have prepared for them from one document. 


Your students will quickly get used to the interactive format, and you will be able to communicate with your students providing your plans and expectations in one single document each week.

I have various designs and more extensive template options for you on TPT! I created this specific one to support world language teachers during distance learning due to COVID-19.

Click the image to download your free copy!

Please feel free to share this French version with your colleagues.

Over 4,100 teachers are already enjoying this FREE resource. I hope it helps you, too! And since all text is editable, please feel free to share the link with teachers of all subjects. There are a few math teachers at my school who are using this exact hub! With multiple teachers using the same format, our shared students know exactly where to look and what to expect.

*Note* Since I share it as a PDF, I need to make sure the weekly hub is my FINAL draft before I share with my students. If you think you’ll make edits during the week, sharing the Google Slides file as “view only” with them works just as well; however, they will need to click “present mode” each time to use it as it’s meant to be used rather than just as a packet (which again, is fine!)

If you like the organization of the digital class hub, you should definitely check out the editable and digital notebooks I have designed as well. While the Class Hubs are meant for you to communicate expectations with your students, the notebooks help collect all student work in one place. Check them out by clicking the button below!

Resources #2) Weekly Student Check-In


I created this resource during distance learning because I wanted to make sure my students were OK each week.

As we return to in-person learning, I still want to be mindful about checking in with my students. I want them to know that I care about their health and safety more than my content.

This survey helps me check in with my students each week (or month, up to you). I also prompt them to fill out the survey as needed; outside of “assigned” times, I adjust the settings to receive an email alert when a student submits the survey.

The resource will immediately prompt you to make your own copy- you can edit, add, or remove questions as you please. You can then organize your students’ answers in one spreadsheet in Google Drive.

Personally, I like to create a new copy of the survey each time I give it, so that my student responses are collected on a new spreadsheet each time, which I label by date. I hope this helps!

Access this check-in survey and MORE through my Member Resource Library!

Resource #3) COMMUNICATION Checklist

I was originally motivated to create this during distance learning because I needed a way to track work completion as well as my communication with students and families in a way that wasn’t overwhelming to manage. Again, I know this will be useful for years to come even as we return to full time in person learning.

I created this spreadsheet to keep track of all my information for the week on ONE page per class. I have space to track when I hear from students, when I reach out myself, and space to track work completion. I can also track whether I have provided feedback on their work, and whether I have made attempts or had success communicating with families. I have made one sheet for you for each of your five classes; just change the block name and add your student names in the first column.

As we return to in person learning, I imagine I will use this spreadsheet monthly rather than weekly, or simply as needed.

Interested in more free digital resources?

Thank you for reading!

I hope you can find something here to take some of the weight off of your shoulders! Remember to visit my resource library to access your copies of these resources.

Since all of these resources are editable, I invite you to share this post with the teachers in your life whether they be Spanish teachers, math teachers, history teachers…. I hope these documents can help teachers in all content areas!

Talk to you soon, Profe!

Please feel free to share this post with your world language teacher colleagues and friends!
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