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Professional Development Opportunities and Resources for World Language Teachers

Upcoming PD for World Language Teachers: World Language Teacher Summit 2021

I am so excited to present at the 2021 World Language Teacher Summit! This is an exciting virtual conference that will be coming to you for FREE from October 18th-22nd!

You will have access this week to 32 sessions from 35 World Language experts – how could it get better than that!?

I am grateful to have recorded my session on Purposeful Grading prior to the conference, as I am currently home with my three week old son 🙂 and I can’t wait to relax and soak in all of the great info from the sessions this week!

I know you will love what we have in store for you during this FREE professional development!

WLTS 2021: Sessions I am most excited about

My session on Purposeful Grading, which dives into my transition from a traditional grading style to a more proficiency based grading approach, will be available for FREE for 48 hours – October 21st and October 22nd!

If you liked this blog post, you won’t want to miss my session!

I am also VERY excited about these sessions, all by world language teachers that I admire!

  • Using Stories to Aid Language Acquisition by Carolina Gómez and Valentina Correa – Oct 18+19
  • Mix It Up With Music by Allison Wienhold – Oct 20 + 21
  • Teaching CI With a Textbook by Ashley Mikkelsen – Oct. 21 + 22
  • Valuing Every Student’s Participation by Diego Ojeda – Oct. 22 + 23

These are the MUST-sees for me, but there are so many more that I want to catch as well! Sign up for these free sessions today!


Do you want access to the resources for my presentation TODAY?

Download your free playbook for the 2021 WLTS here, or get my presentation and resources in your inbox and from my member library by joining my newsletter below.


The WLTS links provided in this blog post are my affiliate links. If you later choose to make a purchase associated with this free conference, I will receive a portion of your purchase. I truly appreciate your support!

Have fun, Profe!


I hope you love these sessions – get in touch with me to tell me about your favorites!! You can find me on Instagram or Facebook @theengagedspanishclassroom, and on Twitter @engagedspanish !

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My name is Erin and I have 10 years of experience teaching high school Spanish. I love building positive student relationships and bringing a bit of fun into my lessons to keep my students engaged!

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